Website Build Agreement

Agreement Details

By signing up to the service I agree that I have instructed computer-eze to design, build and develop our website.

I confirm that I am either the owner or member of said company, persona or organisation and that has the authority within that Company, persona or organisation to instruct computer-eze for the purpose of registering a website domain name, securing web space for the website and designing and developing a website for us.  I also agree the terms and conditions set out below:

  1.  I agree that a minimum of 50% of the agreed final cost of the website will be paid before computer-eze starts any work for me / us.
    I agree that the 50% is a non refundable sum should I cancel after the first 7 days.
  2. I understand that from the date of sign up this agreement I will have 7 days in which to change my / our minds and cancel the contract.
    If the contract is cancelled within the first 7 days I understand that I will receive a refund of the monies already paid minus the domain name registration fee and hosting fee has been deducted.
    An administration fee of £100 may also be deducted to cover work carried out by computer-eze on your behalf.
    If the contract is cancelled after 7 days from commencement but before the website has been completed, for any reason I agree that I will not receive a refund for 20% of the agreed final cost of the website.
  3.  I agree that the remainder of the fee will be paid in full at completion / (go-live) status of the website.
  4. I authorise computer-eze to register a website domain on our behalf and secure web space hosting for me / us.
  5. I agree that the content of the website will be supplied by me / us and that any pictures or any other material supplied to computer-eze for use on the website will either be owned by me  / us.
    If it is not owned by me / us, I agree that I will be responsible for seeking the owner’s permission before providing it to computer-eze.
  6. I agree that if I am made aware of any copyright infringement I will be responsible for contacting computer-eze to remove it and I will be responsible for any monetary costs therein.
  7. I agree that I / we will not publish any obscene, homophobic, racist or any other derogatory material or content likely to cause offence to anyone.
  8. I / we agree that computer-eze will place its company name at the footer of the website and agree with this.
  9. If your website is hosted with us and you after completion of the website you wish to move it to another company an administration fee will be payable to of £75.
  10. Throughout the website build I / we  agree that I will provide content promptly to computer-eze and that any delay will delay the website build.
  11. I agree that if I / we do not provide information / content to computer-eze they will not be able to build the website.  I understand and agree that computer-eze will make 3 attempts via email or telephone to gain the necessary information.
    If the content or information is not received by computer-eze within 3 months of request that all monies paid to computer-eze will not be refunded and the contract will cease.
  12. Me, Us and I are all representations of the company or person instructing computer-eze to carry out work and relate to the person signing this agreement and the company of which they are representing.